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Early preparation and proper planning is the key to securing a mortgage if you are self-employed.

The rules, regulation and lending criteria for self-employed applicants are constantly changing as lenders respond to the ever-evolving wider financial landscape. With this in mind, it is vital to speak to an experienced adviser early in the process to ensure that both you and your accountant are aligned on what is required in order for your accounts and tax returns to be accurate and complete ready for a mortgage application.

Our amazing advisers are experienced in working with complex incomes and are experts at arranging mortgages for those on short or fixed term contracts, freelancers working for multiple organisations or indeed those running large successful Limited Companies.
Take a look at our Testimonials to hear about the experience of the many ‘self-employed clients’ that we have already helped to purchase a home.

The Process

Step One

Speak to one of our experienced advisers to establish how much you can borrow and set a budget for your new purchase.

This will involve a review of your personal and financial situation, and a request to provide certain mandatory documents to allow us to produce an ‘Agreement in Principle’.

With your permission, we will talk directly to your Accountant to ensure a clear and accurate understanding of your income.

Step Two

With an ‘Agreement in Principle’ in hand, you are now ready to start registering with Estate Agents and viewing properties.

Once you have found a property which suits your needs, you are ready to ‘Make an Offer’. At this stage, you should provide the contact details of your London Mortgage Partners adviser, who can confirm to the vendor that you are in a position to proceed with the purchase.

It is worth noting that you will also be asked to provide details of the solicitor that you are intending to use to assist with your purchase. Don’t worry if you don’t have one in mind, we have a long list of friendly solicitors that we can put you in touch with.

Step Three

Once an offer has been accepted, we will take care of submitting the application and managing the whole process on your behalf. We will also stay in regular contact with the lender, estate agent and solicitor and provide you with regular updates as to the progress of your purchase.

London Mortgage Partners will continue to support you until you are safely settled into your new home and our advisers will remain in contact to help with any future needs you may have.

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Self Employed Mortgage

Self Employed Mortgage