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The team at Ahauz is on a mission to empower people through home ownership. They’re helping to remove the barriers to getting on and moving up the property ladder through equity loans that could boost homebuying budgets by up to £150k.

How it works

An Ahauz equity loan works in a similar way to the Government’s Help To Buy scheme, with a key difference being that it is also available on existing property stock, not only new builds. That means it could be used to buy any of the 90% of properties on the market in England and Wales not available through Help to Buy. The product is also open to home movers as well as first-time buyers.

You need to put in at least a 5% deposit, and Ahauz could boost your deposit by a further 25%. London Mortgage Partners can then use this boosted deposit amount to apply for a standard mortgage on your behalf.

You pay your monthly mortgage payments, and an interest charge to Ahauz for their loan amount. When it comes time to repay the Ahauz equity loan, they have no Early Repayment Charges and the balance is linked to your property value. So if prices go up, so does the amount you repay. But if prices go down, Ahauz will also share the loss based on their loan amount.

Helpful if

  • You need to bridge an affordability gap if prices have risen in your area
  • You would like to increase your home buying budget to buy something a little bigger, or in a more expensive area

Please speak to your London Mortgage Partners adviser for more details.

*Lending is secured against your property. Terms and conditions and eligibility criteria apply.

Mortgage with Deposit

Mortgage with Deposit

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