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LMP partners with MPowered Mortgages to enhance the mortgage journey for homebuyers and remortgagers


MPowered Mortgages is a new fintech mortgage lender focused on using AI, automation and machine learning technology to make the mortgage application process quicker, easier and more certain for homebuyers and remortgagers.

MPowered Mortgages

At MPowered, we know mortgages can and should be better. You need certainty for life’s biggest financial decisions without the hassle and jargon that comes with it.

How it works

We’ve revolutionised the mortgage process from start to finish, giving customers control and certainty over their financial future. We use data-driven innovation and targeted AI to help increase automation, reduce complexity, and speed up the process of receiving a legally-binding decision.

Built for the 21st century, we provide a fully digital application process that gives you a certain decision within hours rather than weeks.

Helpful if

  • Amongst political and economic uncertainty, you’d like to quickly and efficiently lock in your mortgage rate before rates move again
  • You need a mortgage offer quickly to give you certainty of how much you can borrow

At London Mortgage Partners our advisers search the whole of the mortgage market to find an appropriate solution, please get in touch if you would like to speak with a member of our team.