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Even’s mission is to end homeownership inequality. With more and more people being priced out of the property market, and paying extortionate rent it’s getting harder to save. Even aims to level the playing field so everyone can reap the benefits of homeownership. Even spent the past 2 years speaking with first-time buyers, understanding their pain points to build a product to meet their needs.

How does Even work?

Designed for first-time buyers who prefer the character of older homes, and are constricted by either their income or deposit size, Even is modelled on the government Help to Buy scheme, except for non-new build homes. Another key difference between Even and other equity loan providers is you start to pay back the loan from day one, and it’s interest-free for the entire duration.

If you have a 5% deposit, Even could triple it. For example, if you put in £10,000, Even could loan up to £20,000 interest-free.

Even shares in the change in value of the property relative to the deposit contribution. For example, if we both put in £10,000 at the beginning, and the property increased by £30,000 Even would share 50% of the change in value (so £15,000). Our share in the profit is capped at 2x the loan amount for the first 10 years, and 3x after that. If property prices go down, we also share the loss.

Please speak to your London Mortgage Partners adviser for more details.